Frequent questions

I would like to add an address that does not exist on How do I do it?

  • Register or connect on tellmewhere.
  • Click here to visit the page "add a place.
  • Enter the places' name, address and category then press "create a place.

Each contribution is subject to moderation.

I would like to edit the description of a place, the telephone number, or its category.

Member for more than 2 weeks ?

  • Click on the link "Edit this place" on the page in question.
  • Modify the information that appears incorrect and then press "validate."

Each edition is subject to moderation.

Member for less than 2 weeks ?

Contact us to let us know what details should be corrected.

I notice a problem: a place is closed or a description is incorrect or incomplete. What should I do?

Click on the link "Report a problem" on the related page and describe the problem that you discovered.

I discovered a comment that is insulting or aggressive. What should I do?

Click on the link "Report a problem" under the related comment. We will contact you by email when we resolve the issue.

The tellmewhere charter

By participating in the tellmewhere adventure, you imply that you respect and acknowledge our charter (see below) as well as the "General Conditions of Use." We invite you to read the charter attentively and if you have thoughts, questions, or concerns, please contact us at

You can / should be:

  • Be polite: basic politeness and respect are necessary in order to participate on tellmewhere.
  • If you discover abusive or aggressive content, contact the moderators by clicking the link "Report a problem"
  • Stay objective, even if you are disappointed. Being constructive is the best way to engage in a conversation with the business owner: kindly letting them know how your experience went wrong can perhaps help them assess and improve their business by avoiding such errors in the future.
  • Be conscious that the content you publish on tellmewhere is your property. Your content is public and online. In case of a problem, tellmewhere cannot be held responsible for your own actions.

You cannot / should not:

In any case, insulting or abusive content will be automatically moderated or deleted by tellmewhere. Tellmewhere will intervene in the case of:

  • Insulting or injurious content
  • Personal attacks
  • Content copied and pasted from a third party website
  • Content aimed to attack a competitor
  • Content containing political or religious ideology

We are all different and we often react differently to the same experience. Your spoken personal opinions could be more or less understood when they are written in word without the supporting gestures or the sound of your voice. On the web, misunderstandings are bound to occur.

On the Internet, the critics may have a very negative impact. We do not want to cause conflict, but allow communication between members of Tellmewhere merchants. Free bashing has no place on Tellmewhere.
For this, we do not encourage our users to censor themselves. On tellmewhere, we encourage you to be honest and to be yourself!

Business owners, you have a role to play:

You are a business owner? Create a business owner account and describe your business in your own words (be specific!). Adding photos, a description and other practical information will help attract users to your page on tellmewhere.

With a business owner account, you can:

  • Take full control of the information presented on your page (eg. photos, description, address).
  • Encourage your satisfied customers to express their opinions on your tellmewhere page. The more positive opinions you have, the more potential customers you will attract. Plus, among a lot of positive reviews, the occasional negative review carries less weight!
  • Stay calm, stay cool and be open to constructive criticism: it can help you improve your business.

Finally, as a registered business owner on tellmewhere, you are not allowed to rate your own establishment or moderate the ratings of others.

For further questions, please contact us at