About Tellmewhere

About us

Tellmewhere is a privately funded startup located in Paris, France. Founded in January 2007, Tellmewhere has evolved into real-time urban guide powered by users across the globe. Tellmewhere works as a web and mobile service, available for free on the iPhone and on Android.

In cities all over the world, people are using Tellmewhere as a way to discover new places, to evaluate their experiences and to share their discoveries with their friends.

Why do people use Tellmewhere?

People use Tellmewhere at home or on the go. Tellmewhere not only helps people find surrounding addresses, Tellmewhere goes a step further and helps people find surrounding addresses according to their tastes.

Tellmewhere is based on a personalized search engine that takes into account peoples’ likes and dislikes. The more people use Tellmewhere to rate their experiences, the more precise and personalized Tellmewhere‘s results become.

People can use Tellmewhere to connect with other people: Tellmewhere can recover a user’s Facebook network, then the user can compare and contrast their opinions with their friends. Users can have direct and immediate access to their friends’ preferred adresses. If a user does not have an existing network, Tellmewhere connects them with other users that have similar tastes.

How does Tellmewhere work?

Tellmewhere provides recommendations based on the tastes of your friends, and those with similar tastes.
The Tellmewhere search engine is based on a complex mathematical algorithm whose functionality is constantly being improved. The algorithm works to take into account various, largescale connections and influences in order to provide a personalized result. So when Tellmewhere users are far from home, our search engine can connect them with the recommendations of locals in the surrounding area.

Tellmewhere is a guide for every type of commerce.

In order to facilitate the search process, we are constanly adding categories to Tellmewhere based on user demand. Today, the Tellmewhere database is comprised primarily on 6 categories:

  • Dining (restaurants, specialty grocery stores..)
  • By Night (bars, clubs, concert halls..)
  • Shopping (fashion, home furnishings..)
  • Culture (museums, movie theaters ...)
  • Wellness (gyms, spas, salons...)

What’s next for Tellmewhere?

The Tellmewhere community is growing and expanding around the world. We are constantly working to improve the look, feel and accuracy of the service.

We are commited to the concepts of simplicity, cheefulness, curiosity, and sharing and we hope this commitment reveals itself in our work. We are open to your comments and suggestions and we hope that you’ll enjoy our service as much as we do.

At Tellmewhere, we hope to facilitate the service so that people are inspired to evaluate every service they encounter in their everyday lives. As a result, users will be able to find the right address, , for any circumstance, anytime, anywhere.